K-Logistica, specialized in bulk cargo, operates within the commercial port of Chioggia, about 50 km from Padua, Venice and Rovigo, offers 2,000 sqm of covered warehouses, over 40,000 sqm of open yard and overlooks the Venice lagoon with a quay, V13, of 220 linear meters.

The location, the yard offered and our significant dynamism and management downturn make us the ideal terminal for transshipments from ship directly to barge as well as handling of material and bagging; the customs area of ​​the terminal allows for suspended storage of excise duties according to national regulations.

The objective that guides the organization is the continuous search for innovative solutions to create a strategic center capable of responding to market needs, in support of the global economy.


Localita’ Val Da Rio 14/b Banchina E
30015 Chioggia VE

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