The K-Logistica srl terminal carries out the activities of unloading, boarding, storage and handling of non-containerized goods within its spaces in the Commercial Port of Chioggia.


The working hours in the Terminal are organized as follows:

For ship operations:

from Monday to Friday

Normal hours 8.00/12.00 – 13.30/17.30

1st shift 07.00 / 13.00

2nd shift 13.00 / 19.00

3rd shift 20.00 / 02.00 (evening) – provided at the request of the user.

Sundays and holidays – provided at the request of the user, with a possible supplement to be agreed.

1st shift 07.00 / 13.00

2nd shift 13.00 / 19.00

3rd shift 20.00 / 02.00 (evening)

For transactions to or from deposit:

from Monday to Friday 08.00 / 11.30 – 13.30 / 17.00 – extensions of working hours are possible at the request of the user with adequate notice;

Saturday 08.00 / 13.00 – provided at the request of the user.

Festive events are to be considered:

– January 1st, New Year’s Eve

– January 6th, Epiphany

– Easter Monday

– April 25th, Anniversary of the Liberation

– June 2nd, Republic Day

– August 15th, Assumption of the B.V. Maria

– November 1st, All Saints Day

– the 1st Sunday of November, Anniversary of the Victory

– November 21st, Madonna della Salute

– December 8th, Immaculate Conception

– December 26th, St. Stephen

On the days indicated above, the supplement for work carried out on holiday shifts will apply.

Semi-festive days with a single shift 08.00 / 12.00 are to be considered:

– June 11th local patron saint

– December 24th, Christmas Eve

– December 31st, the last day of the year.

The following holidays are to be considered non-working days:

– May 1st, Labor Day

– December 25th, Christmas.


K-Logistica srl carries out port operations at the prices and conditions in force within the limits marked by its availability of means, space and personnel, corresponding to the normal needs of port traffic and when there are no particular circumstances or facts not attributable to it.

The rate includes the fees for technical, administrative and organizational services in general, as well as for the use of the port infrastructures necessary for the normal and regular performance of operations and the maximum amounts applicable to the services requested.

The rates for unforeseen operations will be agreed directly with the customers.

The company satisfies, as far as possible, the daily work requests also verbally, in accordance with the rational use of the workers and mechanisms as well as in relation to the commercial commitments previously undertaken.

Requests for services must be proportionate to the quantities of goods to be handled.

In the event of excess requests, the company reserves the right to apply charges commensurate with the value of the inactivity provided for in the individual chapters.

In the unloading (or boarding) operations in direct mode, customers must ensure a constant influx of vehicles for the collection (or delivery) of the goods alongside. If there are interruptions and / or slowdowns in the operations described above, due to insufficient number of vehicles and / or for other reasons not attributable to the terminal, any consequent charge for inactivity will be charged.

All orders must be received by the Terminal Operations Office by e-mail or voice within the following terms:

– for operations to be carried out from Tuesday to Saturday, by 2.30 pm of the previous non-holiday day;

– for operations to be carried out on Mondays, Sundays or holidays, by 10.00 am of the previous non-holiday day.

For operations to be carried out on holidays or at night, the request must be sent exclusively by e-mail.

Changes and cancellations of job requests must be sent to the Terminal Operations Office by e-mail within the following deadlines:

– for operations scheduled from Monday to Friday, by 06.30 on the same day;

– for operations scheduled on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays, no cancellation is possible.

If, in the unquestionable judgment of the Terminal, the quantity to be handled does not justify the use of mechanisms necessary for carrying out the required operations, reference will be made to the rules provided for unforeseen operations.

For cases of delay, interruption or failure to start operations, when such events are independent of the Terminal, K-Logistica srl reserves the right to apply, in addition to the fees for the services provided, an hourly rate per shift / team subject to any supplements. .

The aforementioned rate is not due in the event of early dismissal of the teams for “end of ship” or “end of hold”, as long as the orders placed are not in excess of the actual technical needs.

In the case of delayed arrival of the ship by sea with respect to the time required from the start of operations, the rate referred to in the first paragraph applies from:

– from 10.00 for work requests relating to the 1st shift;

– from 16.00 for work requests relating to the 2nd shift;

If the quantity of goods to be handled or handled does not justify, or has justified, the personnel and / or means to be employed or used in carrying out the operations, of course for reasons dependent on the ship, the load, the instructions given by the ship’s command and / or o by the receiver / loader and in any case for events not dependent on the company, it reserves the right to apply the rate per shift / team subject to any supplements as previously agreed.

Should the company declare, at its sole discretion, the impossibility of carrying out the work services due to adverse weather conditions or other force majeure events, the operations of the company will be suspended for the period deemed necessary.

For the calculation of inactivity, all periods of non-work, not less than 15 minutes, occurring in each shift are counted. The total is rounded up or down to the nearest hour.

For goods brought into customs warehousing procedures, the previously agreed tariff and deductible will be applied.

The payment of the deposit fees must be made at the time of collection of the goods, unless otherwise agreed by the company in writing. The rates relating to deposit rights are set out in the relevant chapter of the offer.


Unless otherwise requested in writing communicated reasonably in advance by the applicant for the operations (receiver or shipper or agency), the operational and storage areas assigned are understood to be accepted and recognized in their full suitability for the performance of the requested service.

Unless explicit communication of incompatibility, the Customer accepts the hypothesis of promiscuity of the assigned deposit with the material stored nearby.

The separation of the goods by policy is guaranteed, compatibly with the conditions of separation and stowage of the cargo on board. If separation by policy is not possible, unloading upstream will be ordered with notice communicated to the receiver.

The subsequent separation will be possible against a fee as well as any further request for separation.

For the operations carried out and for the services generally requested to the same, the same is liable to third parties only within the limits established by the laws in force.

In any case, K-Logistica srl is not responsible for direct and indirect damages resulting from unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, strikes, provisions of the public authorities, packaging defect, the nature or defect of the goods (internal deterioration, natural, casting, breaking, extraordinary spreading, drying, dispersion, etc.), due to an erroneous or insufficient indication of the nature of the goods or the weight of the packages or as a result of fact and / or omission due to the fault of the customer or third parties and, in any case, due to excessive request for services or insufficient means of transport as not attributable to it.

Any dispute must be raised, under penalty of forfeiture, at the time of delivery and before the goods leave the terminal.

Upon receipt of the goods, the terminal will check the conditioning of the related packages, and in the event of an anomaly found, it will make the appropriate cross-examination on the conditioning and possibly the weight, exposing the related reserves by e-mail.

The reservations expressed by K-Logistica srl upon acceptance of the goods in storage are valid for its relations with the interested parties and free it from any consequent liability for all defects and / or failures that may subsequently arise.


Any dispute that may arise regarding the interpretation, execution or termination of the contract will be devolved to the territorially competent Judge for the Court of Rovigo who will decide by applying Italian law.


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